Baby Shorts Suit, Summer Clothes, Boho Organic Cotton, Muslin Fabric, Gots Certificate, Natural Dyed Cloth, Unisex Kids

Baby Shorts Suit, Summer Clothes, Boho Organic Cotton, Muslin Fabric, Gots Certificate, Natural Dyed Cloth, Unisex Kids
Brand: Etsy - BeNaturelBabyMuslin
Color: Brown
Size: S
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All of our products are colored with herbs. Production Process Our muslin short set, which we specially prepared for your most precious baby, is made of 100% Organic Cotton with GOTS certificate. It is hand sewn one by one with certified 100% raw cotton threads in our sewing workshop. Before the raw fabric is dyed, it is passed through the process of dyeing (the process of preparing the fabric so that the color can adhere to the fabric) that will take three days. All of our herb have Gots certification. Our plants are ready for dyeing in 2 full days. Our mordant products are added to our natural herbal water & put on hold for another full day after the heating process is applied. A product is washed & dried after 6 preparation days & placed in our 100% organic cotton bags to reach you. Product Features - All sizes of our products are produced & available in stock. It is delivered to express cargo with your order. - Our bohemian baby short set is handmade. - Local Harvested, Natural Dyed, Plastic Free - Available in sizes between 0- 3 months & 3 years old. - Esofman waist tire is the 1st quality thick tire. As he wears it, it takes shape according to the body of the child. - It is produced for double-sided use. - Fabrics & all colors are compatible with each other. You can use it with the parts of the long sleeved suit or with the salopet. - 100% organic cotton with GOTS certificate. You can access our certificate with the QR code system on the cards sent with the product. - 2-layer muslin fabric is used. - Since muslin fabric breathes, it does not make your baby sweat in the summer. - 100% cotton raw yarn is used. - All of our products are hand cut & sewn one by one in our own small sewing workshop. - 100% Natural buttons made of coconut shell are used. - Sizes have been measured according to America & European standards. - It is colored with the natural dyeing method. - in the coloring of the clothes, organic plants with GOTS certificate are used. - The names of the plants we use in your product are on the cards sent with the products. - The natural colors we obtain from the leaves, shells or flowers used in dyeing are still alive when attached to the fabric, so they can react with different external factors such as sun & sea water. - Even if our products that we blend with nature are obtained from the same component, each one has different soul, energy, color tone & texture. Therefore, all of our products are personalized. Even if they come from the same essence, product tones may differ from each other. - in natural dyeing, the color may not be evenly distributed all over the fabric as in synthetic dyeing. SZE 0 - 3 Month : 6 to 8 lbs 3 to 4 kg 22 - 24’’ 56 - 62 cm 3 - 6 Month : 11 to 13 lbs 5 to 6 kg 24 - 27’’ 62 - 67 cm 6 - 9 Month : 15 to 17 lbs 7 to 8 kg 27 - 29’’ 68 - 76 cm 9 - 12 Month : 19 to 22 lbs 9 to 10 kg 29 - 31’’ 74 - 80 cm 1 - 2 Years : 24 to 26 lbs 11 to 12 kg 31 - 34’’ 80 - 86 - cm 2 - 3 Years : 28 to 30 lbs 13 to 14 kg 34