Baby Blessings Nature's Skincare For Babies

Baby Blessings Nature's Skincare For Babies
Brand: Little Herbs
Size: One Size
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A beautifully healthy, gorgeous - and practical - gift to welcome and nurture the newest Little One. It’s all important to ensure Little Ones are given the best possible chances in life. To help further that prospect, Little Herbs use pure plants, beeswax and oils so that you put it on a baby’s skin without doubts. Little Herbs favour organically grown traditional botanicals from the English country garden. We never use artificially produced chemicals, aromas, fillers, or any other nasty ingredients. No wonder we win awards. not given The Little One is here at last and Little Herbs has pure, gentle skincare - full of nature’s bounty - ready and waiting for the new arrival. Every item is 100% pure and utterly practical! Baby Balm’s job is to soothe and heal sore bottoms, little itchy bits and even cradle cap. Enjoy some bonding massage with a little drop of Baby Oil. Add a spoonful of Bathe The Baby soak to the Little One’s bathwater. LLet Soothing Salve work its wonders on skin and calm both mother and baby’s fretted nerves with a touch on the temples or perhaps a pillow. And as every mother knows, you will find plenty of uses for the organic muslin!Bathe Baba: Oats and maize flour are wonderfully skin-protective and friendly for babies. So too is lavender, the traditional cleansing herb, blended here with healing marigold and relaxing chamomile. Pop a teaspoonful of this gentle and purely botanical mix a teaspoonful into an infuser (or by hand) and swish into the baby’s bath water. It’s the perfect bath for the perfect baby!Ingredients: Avena sativa (Oats), Zea mays (Maize) flour, Calendula officinalis (Marigold) flowers, Lavendula angustifolia (lavender) flowers, (Matricaria chamomilla (German chamomile) flowers. NOTHING ELSE. certified organicBaby Oil: The gentlest blend of vitamin-rich oils for your baby’s massage or bath. Pure, harm-free, skin-friendly, and nutrition-rich, this gentle blend of seed oils offers your baby nothing but total skin happiness. Use a few drops, warmed in your hands, to give your baby a delightfully soothing massage or put a few drops in your baby’s bath. Can be helpful in dealing with cradle cap or other dry patches. Suitable for new borns.Baby Balm 100% organic - WINNER 2012 OF THE GREEN PARENT MAGAZINE ‘BEST NAPPY CREAM’ AWARD.Totally organic, gentle, pure and simple salve with three classic herbs known for their healing, soothing, calming properties.Uses: soreness, irritations, nappy rash, cradle cap, dryness, scratches, eczema, minor burns or minor sunburn, itchiness, rashes. The balm can also be used as a medium for a gentle massage. Also suitable for delicate skin in adulthood. SUITABLE FOR: Babies as young as 8 weeks. Soothing Salve: This is an all-purpose wonder-salve! Great aid to skin repair. Anywhere. Anytime! But also useful in helping babies (and their mothers) to relax before sleep. This can be applied to all sorts of minor skin irritations, grazes, slight rashes, sore lips and fingernails. It’s splendid for baby’s bottoms too.Method: massage a tiny dab very gently onto the temples, both sides at the same time, in a circular movement and very calmly across the forehead.. And/or a little touch just under the nostrils.Tested only on Willing Human Beings.Inside each Little Herb box you will find an amazingly entertaining story about the Little Herbs who live on Apple Island, here in the green hills of Somerset. Take a closer look!Made carefully by Little Herbs: for Little Ones and their Mums.