Ayurvedic Bath Rituals

Ayurvedic Bath Rituals
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Choose from three bath soaks blended by our medical herbalist. A soy candle, dosha card and playlist are included for an immersive Ayurvedic experience Perfect for Mother’s Day our Ayurvedic Bliss Baths create an immersive self care experience.Light the dosha candle, fill the muslin bath teabag and pop on the playlist. Then sink into a bliss bath full of remineralising magnesium flakes, essential oils and herbs for each Ayurvedic mind/body type. Ginger and Sweet orange for anxious Vata. Eucalyptus and Lavender for sluggish Kapha or Lemon and Lavendar for stressed PittaAt the end of the bath use the muslin bath teabag full of herbs as a body scrub to promote lymph drainage and to get the full healing benefit of the herbs and essential oilsGetting this as a gift? We will gift wrap and include a handwritten gift note V A T A - Out of balance Vata energy leaves us feeling anxious, overwhelemed and ungrounded. In the body a Vata imbalance looks like dry skin, digestive issues and often feeling coldFor Vata we have a sweet, spicy grounding blend of orange, ginger and magnesium, a soy candle with Vata friendly essential oils and a dosha card with a Spotify playlist for groundingK A P H A - Out of balance Kapha energy leaves us feeling lethargic, sluggish and low. In the body a Kapha imbalance often feels like heaviness in the body and congestion in the sinusesFor Kapha we have an uplifting, decongesting blend of eucalyptus, lavender and magnesium, a soy candle with Kapha friendly essential oils and a dosha card with a Spotify playlist for clarity and invigorationP I T T A - Out of balance Pitta energy leaves us feeling stressed, irritable and burnt out. In the body a Pitta imbalance look like skin rashes, feeling too hot, inflammation and indigestionFor Pitta we have a soothing blend of lavender, lemon and magnesium, a soy candle with Pitta friendly essential oils and a dosha card with Spotify playlist to calm Therapeutic grade magnesium flakes blended with essential oils - dried ginger and orange / dried eucalyptus and lavender/dried lemon and lavender. Inspired by Ayurvedic herbal medicine.Candles - soy wax with essential oilBath salts packaging recyclableOuter packaging - reusable muslin bag

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