Award Winner Bathe Baba

Award Winner Bathe Baba
Brand: Little Herbs
Size: One Size
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Gentle soak for baby’s bath - cleansing, protective and relaxing.Bathe Mama bath soak won Green Parent magazine’s Silver Award Best Baby Bath Product 2020 not given not given Many products made for baby bathing are pretty harsh. Bubbles generally come from chemical sources which can dry the skin. So Little Herbs have come up with an inventive solution!A uniquely gentle, effective and pure botanical mix. A bath soak for babies that cleanses and relaxes your Little One at bathtime.Oats and maize flour, both full of useful phyto-nutrients, vitamins and protein, can form a protective film on the skin to prevent and/or alleviate soreness are wonderfully health-giving and skin-friendly for babies.This bath soak can be very helpful as part of the treatment for babies and young children suffering from eczema and other irritating skin conditions.We have also added some relaxing, healing herbs in dried form and in careful quantities: lavender, the traditional cleansing herb, blended here with healing calendula (marigold) and relaxing chamomile.Little Herbs Bathe Baba smells gorgeous too. All in all it will be the perfect bath for the perfect baby!