Autumn Fire Japanese Maple Tree Seeds

Autumn Fire Japanese Maple Tree Seeds
Color: Brown
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Please read before making purchase. It is important to know that most tree seeds require a pretreatment to break dormancy & be able to grow. If I know the seeds requirements that info will be shown in the pictures on the listings. I do not know every type of seeds requirements, but an internet search will guide you in the right direction to what type of pretreatment is needed for the seeds to be able to germinate… Generally it is Scarification & cold stratification that mimics winter & breaks dormancy Usual time required for pretreatments needed is 30 to 90 days with some types needing 8 months while others do not require a pretreatment at all. Please note most tree seeds need a pretreatment to break dormancy & be able to grow. Look into REQUIREMENTS for the type of seeds you ordered. … … Acer palmatum var. Disectum ‘Autumn Fire’ goes by the common name autumn fire Japanese maple & is one of around 300 varieties of Japanese maple tree seeds More info & growing Directions in 2nd pic Pick the amount you’d like from the options of amounts offered Thank you for choosing TreeSeedMan for all your quality seeds! :) Every order is given extra/ free seeds as a thank you gift from us. IMPORTANT NOTICE.. ALMOST ALL OF OUR SEEDS ARE SOLD in A DORMANT STATE & REQUIRE A PRETREATMENT TO BREAK DORMANCY & BE ABLE TO GROW …DO NOT PLANT YOUR SEEDS UNTIL YOU HAVE PERFORMED THE REQUIRED STEPS TO BREAK THE SEEDS DORMANCY & ALLOW THE SEED TO GERMINATE.. .EVERY TYPE OF SEED HAS FIFFERENT REQUIREMENTS… ALSO, PLEASE NOTE ALL SEEDS DO NOT TURN INTO FULL GROWN TREES OR SHRUBS.. BUYING 5 SEEDS DOES NOT GUARANTEE ALL 5 WILL GROW INTO TREES FROM THAT AMOUNT OF SEEDS)) … IT IS RECOmmENDED TO BUY MORE SEEDS THAN THE AMOUNT OF TREES DESIRED & YOU SHOULD KEEP THE BEST ONES. …VERY IMPORTANT ????????? ORDEDS OVER $10 NEED TO BE SHIPPED AS A PACKAGE & YOU NEED TO UPGRADE THE SHIPPING TO THIS OPTION AT CHECK OUT…SHIPPING PRICE ON LISTINGS IS SET FOR SMALL ORDERS OF SMALL QMOUNTS & THE METHOD OF DELIVERY IS A NON-MACHINABLE ENVELOPE, IT IS NOT A PACKAGE WITH TRACKING FOR THE STANDARD SHIPPING THAT YOU ARE SHOWN… PLEASE DO NOT ExPECT YOUR ORDER TO BE SHIPPED AS A PACKAGE IF YOU DID NOT CHOOSE TO UPGRADE & PAY FOR THE PACKAGE METHOD OF SHIPPING .. . YOU MUST UPGRADE TO THAT OPTION TO RECEIVE THAT SERVICE.. … 10+ ORDERS MUST UPGRADE Autumn Fire Japanese Maple Tree Seeds