Artisan Sauces And Chutney Selection

Artisan Sauces And Chutney Selection
Brand: Jethro's Marinades
Size: One Size
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Create your own selection of two delicious sauces/dressings/marinades and one Chutney from our extensive range to create a superbly original and different present. A perfect gift for passionate food lovers. Enabling them to create and explore exciting meals or simply to bring immediate flavour to make dining extra delicious.All Jethro’s sauces and marinades are delicious orginal recipes made with the finest ingredients, with the emphasis on taste. You can select chilli or ginger sauces, or why not try one of our dressings like Irish Whisky or Cranberry Vodka for a truly original gift.Select any three products from the drop down menu on the right and design the perfect gift for any food lover. MarinadesCajun Lime Jalapeno-Complex spicy flavours(V,VG)Ginger Soy Molasses-Sweet blend of teriyaki and hoisin flavours. Glaze, marinate or stir fry(V VG)Lemon Chilli Coriander-Aromatic spices, fresh garlic and lemon(V VG GF)Lime Chilli Oregano-Zesty and spicy.Partner for fish,chicken or lamb. Splash into a stir-fry(V VG NS GF)Red Wine Orange Juniper-Rich classic for food connoisseurs.Great for game(V NS GF)Dressing & SaucesGinger Chilli-Sophisticated and spicy.Great for stir fries(V VG GF)Ginger Lime-Mouth-watering blend of crushed ginger, lime and green pepper.Dipping &stir-frying(V VG GF)Ginger Orange-Dipping sauce with fresh ginger, orange, red wine and mint(V GF)Red Chilli Garlic-Fresh and spicy with cumin and basil. Make peri peri chicken or patatas bravas(V VG NS)Grandpa Joe’s Smoky Chipotle- Mild and deep. Use as a sauce, drizzle or mild marinade(V VG)Green Chilli Coriander-Piquant with milder chilli, garlic and herbs(V VG NS GF)Irish Whiskey Mustard-Rich grain mustard dressing with Jameson’s - grown up salads(V VG GF)Cranberry Vodka Dressing-Gorgeous deep red cranberry with a splash of Smirnoff(V VG GF)Sticky barbecue-Hot with cayenne pepper and sticky with molasses, great for ribs and burgers(V VG)Naga Fire-Hot and fiery. Enjoy several layers of smooth flavour creating a tasty sauce which packs a mean punch(V VG GF NS)Chutney’sBostin Beetroot-perfect addition to any cheese sandwich, ploughmans or salad(V)Caramelised Onion Date-Smooth and moorish(V)Cheeky Chilli-Sweet relish with a hint of indian spice(V)Tingly Tomato & Onion-Mild aromatic flavours, perfect for pappadums,bhajis,burgers,sandwiches(V GF) VG-Vegan,V-Vegetarian,GF-Gluten Free,NS-No added sugarJethro’s sauces are made from 100% natural ingredients, colours and flavours. Fresh chilli, garlic and ginger - finest ground spices and herbs - rapeseed and extra virgin olive oils - for the freshest taste.Each sauce comes in a 250ml glass bottle with attractive cream/gold label and black/gold seal. The bottles weigh an average of 500g and are 20cm high x 6cm in diameter. Chutney’s are in a 310g glass jar with a tamper evident black lid