Appalachian Huntsman Braxxie's Blend Gsp

Appalachian Huntsman Braxxie's Blend Gsp
Brand: Etsy - AppalachianHuntsman
Color: Grey
9.89 GBP
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Much like the flatwoods monster, this blend of Appalachian Sourced Garlic, Lampung Black Pepper, & of course WV’s own JQ Dickinson salt is out of this world! Gluten Free, Sugar Free, & Keto friendly, grab a bag today while you can! We hand craft every batch of our rubs & seasonings with the utmost care, carefully sourcing from throughout Appalachia to build specific flavor profiles. We love cryptids, & some people may buy this product for the love of the unknown, but it’s more than that for us. When buying our product, we can assure a fragrant, flavorful, & Appalachian blend that has been made in a batch no bigger than 5lbs, but often much smaller. We name our blends after the crytpids & creatures found throughout Appalachia, & specifically have an obsession with the mothman. This listing is for a 2 oz. Bag, plenty for a big batch of burgers, steaks for the family, seafood, or a brisket. Label art by Liz Pavlovic Design Appalachian Huntsman Braxxie’s Blend Gsp