Ancho Chili Powder 1Oz

Ancho Chili Powder 1Oz
Brand: Etsy - eherbzmarket
Color: Grey
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The Ancho Chili Powder is a ground Ancho chili peppers, it is a dark, smoky chili with a deep rich flavor & mild heat ranging from 2-3K H.U. The flavor is somewhat sweet with underlying fruit notes & it does have a little raisin like taste. The herb is mostly used in authentic Mexican cooking & it is a staple in red chili & tamales, & for those for those looking for a milder taste, this herb is the terrific choice. Ancho Powder can be used in many foods such as, sprinkling it on pasta, in baked potatoes, vegetables, soups, pizza, popcorn & more, also seasoning chicken, stews, potatoes & vegetables. Ancho Chili Powder 1Oz