Anasazi Natural Salt | Fine Coarse Grinder 16-64 Ounces

Anasazi Natural Salt | Fine Coarse Grinder 16-64 Ounces
Brand: Etsy - AnasaziSalt
Color: White
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Once upon a time there was a prehistoric inland sea encased by lava & ash from a nearby volcanic eruption leaving a salt deposit protected within the earth. Centuries later the natural salt deposits were discovered & enjoyed by ancient Native People, Spanish Explorers, & then Pioneer Settlers who named the surrounding area upon which they settled Salina, meaning salt works. Our mine is located near the tiny town of Salina, Utah. We love Anasazi Salt! It is colorful, flavorful, & unrefined. It’s straight from the earth in pure form with no preservatives, bleaching or additives. Just as Mother Earth intended it. We intend for you to love it too! Our salt is available in 1 pound bags. Your purchase options are One 1 lb bag, Two 1 lb bags, & Four 1 lb bags. The more you buy, the better the price! Great chefs have salt on hand that fits different needs. Our Salt Variations include: 1.Natural Grinder Salt is composed of larger crystals perfect for use with a grinder or sprinkled on top of a dish as an accent. 2. Natural Coarse Salt is a medium grind excellent for use in cooking, shakers with larger holes, or placed in a pinch dish for sprinkling with your fingers. 3. Natural Fine Salt is ideal for use in a shaker. Our salt is separated, then weighed, quality checked, packaged & sealed for its exciting all - natural journey from the past to your table! The rest is up to you, & we predict a delicious experience will soon follow! Let us help you to Enjoy, The Flavor of The Ancients! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. Anasazi Natural Salt | Fine Coarse Grinder 16-64 Ounces