Aleppo Pepper, Authentic Syrian, Many Packaging Options

Aleppo Pepper, Authentic Syrian, Many Packaging Options
Brand: Etsy - TheBedouinCompany
Color: Red
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We are pleased to offer Syrian Aleppo Pepper, from Syrian. Two packaging options: bag or bottle. The authentic Aleppo Pepper hails from Syria. The chili got its name from Aleppo, a city along the Silk Road in Northern Syria. It comes from a burgundy chili called the Halaby pepper. Ripened peppers are semi-dried, de-seeded, & coarsely ground. Quality Aleppo pepper is flaky, semi-oily, & has a deep red, or burgundy, color. It should smell bright & fruity. Please note: Aleppo Pepper is preserved using salt & sunflower oil. Like salt, Aleppo pepper is a flavor enhancer. It marries slow-building heat with earthy, cumin notes & fruity tang. The pepper has a moderate heat level & can substitute for chili pepper flakes. It is a common Middle Eastern condiment, traditionally used to season meat, beans, salads, & muhammara dip, but it can be used like any other dried red pepper. It’s great on pizza or pide (Turkish-style pizza), eggs, or any dish you want to kick up a bit with a little heat. Please note if packages are returned to us because USPS or another delivery company is unable to deliver a package due to: incorrect address, inability to access building, omission of unit number & other reasons beyond the seller control, the buyer will be responsible for paying additional shipping costs to re-send. Also, seller will not refund shipping costs as the error was not in the control of the seller. Thank you. For keffiyehs, more tatreez & other soft art items, check out our sister site at: Reach out to thebedouincompany [at] with questions. VISIT OUR WEBSITE for wholesale & bulk inquiries, our blogs, recipes & mailing list. Get social with us: On Instagram, look for thebedouincompany On Facebook, look for The Bedouin Company On TikTok, look for The Bedouin Company Aleppo Pepper, Authentic Syrian, Many Packaging Options