Agave "Pup

Agave "Pup
Brand: Etsy - ThePickledLemon
Color: Grey
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This is a listing for a agave pup - from my beautiful large agave plant that is super healthy & thriving here on our little Farm in Georgia. ( the pictures in the listing are or our giant agave plant & the ones in the planters are pups these little baby plants sprout out from the mama plant. they are easy to dig out, dry out & ship to you so that you can grow your own agave plant! such a show stopped in your yard or in planters! This listing is for one 5-7 inch giant baby agave. when you receive it you can just plant it immediately in potting soil in a planter or directly in your yard! ( i suggest looking up more info on agaves - they are truly an amazing succulent that can get very huge!) I know you will be so happy with your purchase! Agave’s are my absolute favorite plant & do well in many zones- they love bright sun & even do well on dry soil. They love the humidity of the summer but also can do beautifully in a lot of zones. Will ship asap & they can withstand several days of traveling ( its good for their roots to dry out before planting ) so no worries! happy plant- happy Agave Pup