75 Organic Confetti Mix Radish Seeds Heirloom Non-Gmo

75 Organic Confetti Mix Radish Seeds Heirloom Non-Gmo
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75 Organic Confetti Mix Radish Seeds Non-GMO Heirloom Open-Pollinated Confetti Mix Radish is a fast maturing, colorful blend of white, red & bi colored radishes. They add great color & flavor to any meal… raw or cooked. We add them to our salads raw & I add it cooked to stir-fry… I put it in the pan with my onions & garlic. You can even eat the greens. I mix mine with other greens, like chard & bok choy. Radish is a great vegetable for new gardeners because they are so easy & quick to grow. If you’re planning to grow it, plant in the spring & fall. Radish seeds germinate best when exposed to constant temperatures of 55 to 75 degrees. Under ideal conditions, radish seeds will germinate within three to four days, but may take as many as 10 days. Sow radish seeds one inch apart in rows one foot apart in well-drained soil, about 10 seeds per foot. Cover them 1/2 inch deep & water them gently to keep the soil moist but not wet. Keep planting radishes every ten days for a continuous harvest. Since they grow so fast, you don’t need to worry about fertilizing them. But you do want the starting soil to be rich with compost. Radishes are quick, easy & fun to grow from seed, ready to eat in as little as four weeks. When the leaves are about 4 inches tall, you’re ready to harvest. You may see the head popping through the soil. They can be grown in even the smallest of gardens & are great companion plants for cucumbers, lettuce & peppers. 75 Organic Confetti Mix Radish Seeds Heirloom Non-Gmo