6 Seeds Cathedral Bells White Climbing Kobea, Non Gmo, Fresh, Easy To Grow

6 Seeds Cathedral Bells White Climbing Kobea, Non Gmo, Fresh, Easy To Grow
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https://vestamarket.pl/collections/flowers https://vestamarket.pl/collections/dried-herbs Our seeds fresh, healthy & have at least 3 years shelf life. Flat rate shipping, no matter how many seeds you order. AKA CATHEDRAL BELLS Although the kobei’s other name is vultures, certainly gloominess is the last of the attributes that can be attributed to this beautiful plant. Among the annual creepers grown in Poland, the kobea is distinguished by its exceptional flower sizes. Its delightful, snow-white goblets are a unique, exotic decoration for pergolas, gazebos or fences. Latin name: Cobaea scandens Life form: annual plant Habit: angular, thin, curling shoots of vultures give it a creeping habit. Height: depending on the type of plant, plants grow to 1-3 m in height. Foliage: Opposite, feathery climbing leaves are made of oval, intensely green leaves. Flowering period: the species presented in our store belongs to plants that bloom in full summer. The first flowers should be expected in July, & the next ones develop until the fall of autumn frosts. Type & color of flowers: kobea develops flowers in the form of magnificent, deep bells, 7 cm long, set on long, strong stalks. The stamens & pistil grow beyond the edge of the petals & are decoratively twisted. Spacing: the recommended spacing is 40 x 40 cm. Frost resistance: climbing plant does not withstand frosts. It tolerates temperature drops down to 4 o C unscathed. Application: the presented species is a universal climber to be guided by any support - it will quickly cover both a larger gazebo & pergola, as well as a delicate mesh. It is excellent for planting in containers - pot specimens are easy to overwinter in a bright, cool room. in such a cultivation system, the flowering of vultures can be enjoyed for several years. Our store offers the sale of kobe climbing seeds in packs containing 6 seeds. Each pack contains explanations of the principles of growing plants, as well as information specifying the date of expiry of their seeds for sowing. A pack contains about 6 seeds. 6 Seeds Cathedral Bells White Climbing Kobea, Non Gmo, Fresh, Easy To Grow