5 Dypsis Lutescens Areca Palm Seeds C1037

5 Dypsis Lutescens Areca Palm Seeds C1037
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Color: Green
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NAME: Dypsis lutescens QUANTITY: 5 Seeds Per Packet. Scattered anemone (Scientific name: Chrysalidocarpus lutescens H. Wendl.): also known as yellow coconut, purple anemone. The palm family, scattered sunflower genus of tufted evergreen shrubs or small trees. The stem is smooth, yellow-green, without burrs, when young, clothed with wax powder, on which there are obvious leaf scars, striate in a ring. The leaves are smooth & slender, pinnatisect, 40-150cm long, with slightly curved petiole & soft apex. Prefer warm, moist, semi-shady & well-ventilated environment, fear of cold, weak cold tolerance, young trees potted as. COMBINE SHIPPING: FREE SHIPPING ON ADDITIONAL PACKS SEEDS, & FREE SHIPPING OF ORDER OVER $35! ONE PAY ONE LOW FLAT RATE SHIPPING, NO MATTER HOW MANY YOU PACKS YOU PURCHASED! WELCOME TO VISIT MY STORE FOR OVER 1000+ TYPES OF PLANT SEEDS!! 5 Dypsis Lutescens Areca Palm Seeds C1037