3D Printed Polyface Planter

3D Printed Polyface Planter
Brand: Etsy - PRINTERROR
Color: White
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Plants need caretakers & these faces keep a close eye (or nine). My own original design, these polyface planters are a PRINTERROR bestseller & a captivating way to hold your plants or other items in your home. Check out our Limited Edition Special Colors - Tangerine, Crimson Red, Silky Purple, Faux Stone, & Matte Pink - we’re only doing limited runs of these special plastics for a short time. There are 300 smalls & mediums & 200 larges of each of these colors, each hand-numbered on the bottom. DIMENSIONS Small - The planter is 4.5 tall, has a 4 rim, can hold a 4 plant, & has one 1/2 drainage hole. Medium - The planter is 5.5 tall, has a 6 rim, can hold a 6 plant, & has six 1/2 drainage holes. Large - The planter is 6.5 tall, has an 8 rim, can hold an 8 plant, & has nine 1/2 drainage holes. MATERIALS All PRINTERROR products are printed from PLA, an environmentally-friendly bio-plastic that is 100% derived from corn. PLA is lightweight, is very durable & will withstand a lot of wear & tear, but it is not dishwasher safe & colors other than white will fade slightly if left outdoors long-term. 3D Printed Polyface Planter