3 Organic Mulling Spices - Natural Mulled Wine Spice Mix Hot Apple Cider Holiday Glogg Best Ever

3 Organic Mulling Spices - Natural Mulled Wine Spice Mix Hot Apple Cider Holiday Glogg Best Ever
Brand: Etsy - EarthMarket
Color: Green
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3 x 8 oz jars of the very best, handcrafted, organic mulling spice with real organic boreal vanilla & rose petals. Gorgeous for mulled wine, glogg or hot apple cider. Each jar makes 2 liters mulled wine or 3 liters hot apple cider. Simple mulling recipes included with every jar. Ingredients: all certified organic fair-trade spices including - whole star anise, cinnamon stick, cardamon, allspice, nutmeg, cloves, pink peppercorn with organic raisins, sliced almonds, organic cane juice sugar, organic rose petals, whole rosebuds, organic boreal vanilla blossom, wildcrafted juniper berries. For 2022/2023 Due to global crop shortage organic vanilla beans are now 5 to 10 times the normal price. These mulling spices no longer contain organic vanilla beans in our production runs. It has been permanently replaced with local, hand harvested boreal vanilla blossoms & wild-crafted juniper berries. which have a similar sweet fruity floral aroma with a woodsy citrus flavour. New label pictures to follow. Your purchase comes nestled in our signature eco gift package with gorgeously green dried flowers, twigs, hearts, herbs & spices & 100% recycled fibre kraft tissue & note card. Please add your personal message with your purchase & ship directly to the ones you love. Everything we make is Made with Love with 100% natural, Non GMO, non-irradiated ingredients. We work hard to source RAW & organic fair-trade ingredients direct from small organic farmers often & everything we create is made lovingly by real human hands. Made with Love is Earth Safe: natural, hand-crafted, 100% Plastic-Free & sourced from the healthiest ingredients with the long-term health of our bodies & planet in mind. Excellent Reviews As I open the box, LOVE in the form of dried flowers & hearts spill out… truly…an Experience. If you want to send some love to your friends, this is how you do it. YUmmmmmm! Thanks!! Very delicious! Fantastic! Looks great; cute packaging. Fast shipping. Thanks so much great products! Love it all Makes for an awesome gift. Excellent attention to detail… great customer service, quality products… beautiful presentation packaging, & quick shipping! Very very pleased. Wonderful product. Thank you. This is some wicked good stuff…just what I was hoping for! Our Kitchens blend products with legumes, nuts, dairy, wheat & other known allergens. We conscientiously clean between all batches with our allergenic loved ones in mind. Thank-you for your conscious spending! Together we are changing our world. Our Motto: Happy Healthy People on a Happy Healthy Planet! Made with Love. It just feels good. 3 Organic Mulling Spices - Natural Mulled Wine Spice Mix Hot Apple Cider Holiday Glogg Best Ever