3 Kalanchoe Tubiflora Live Rooted

3 Kalanchoe Tubiflora Live Rooted
Brand: Etsy - HopeSucculentGarden
Color: Green
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You are be getting 3 beautiful Kalanchoe tubiflora live rooted! it will ship semi-bare root with no pot or soil. The plant in the pictures exact you will receive. I will package with extreme care & lots of love. Right after you receive your package, open it immediately & gently remove the packing materials. Do not immediately put the plant in direct sunlight. Keep it in shade or indirect sunlight for 5-7 days. After a few days you can start watering your succulents & slowly introduce them to direct sunlight. Water when soil is dry to the touch, which is approximately every7-10 days, indoors.Water less frequently during winter months,as this is the natural dormancy period of many plants. Bundle & Save @ We will ship ASAP when payment is received. 3 Kalanchoe Tubiflora Live Rooted