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Color: Green
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What you will get: You will receive maidenhair fern Rosy (Adiantum hispidulum) plants growing in a 3.5 pot. Orders of >$50 will receive an amazing gift from our shop. Description Maidenhair fern Rosy is one of the maidenhair ferns. It is different from other maidenhair ferns because of its younger fronds displaying rose red color under certain conditions. Rosy is a popular houseplant, & best fits in bathroom & kitchen. It also strives as a terrarium plant. The key points to grow healthy maidenhair fern are to keep the soil constantly moist but well drained, & good humidity in the air. It should be kept below 60oF. No fertilizer is need but can be fed lightly if desired. Shipping: Plants are shipped with pots. We offer different shipping methods at checkout. MOVING YOUR PACKAGE ALONG: If you notice your package is stuck somewhere during transit, filing an update request on your tracking page may help move your package along. You may also notice us to file such a request from our side. AVOID DAMAGE: We take very effective packaging measures to prevent your plants from damages. When the temperature is below freezing point at any transit points, it is important to add one or more heat packs in your order (depending on your package size) to protect your plant from cold damage: https://www.etsy.com/listing/644596080 It is also critical to take your package inside promptly upon delivery when the weather is hot or cold. Heat may accumulate & damage your plants if the package is left under the sun even if the temperature is relatively mild. 3.5