2 Mini Sugilite Tumbled Stone For Medicine Bags & Crafts #st88

2 Mini Sugilite Tumbled Stone For Medicine Bags & Crafts #st88
Categories: Health Care, Medicine
Brand: Etsy - BlissCrystals
Color: Purple
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You are buying 2 (Two) Genuine Sugilite Mini Tumbled Crystal Stone that is from the same lot as the group pictured. They are smooth & shiny with organic undulating shapes, naturally hand polished. Dimensions: XS Mini = Approx .24 - .63 at widest point Bag Weight: Approx .40 gm - 1.8 gm total Color: Variations of light purple to dark plum purple with black inclusions This listing is by stone count, so weights can vary slightly. Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight, & color as shown. Picture color & clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors & mobile devices. Ah, precious & rare Sugilite from South Africa. It is a spiritual manifestation of the Violet Ray, the divine love stone. You can instantly feel this connection just by looking at it & then holding it in the hand. Amazing, sweet energy & beautiful color. Quality Sugilite is very difficult to find & quite rare! This custom tumbled stone has a deep & regal purple combination color & exudes deep healing with a very high spiritual vibration & the most positive, uplifting aspirations of life. It is the perfect size to use in a medicine bag or wire wrap as jewelry. It is best to use this stone close to the body on a daily basis with direct skin contact. Notes From My Professional Experience in my healing practice, I use Sugilite on an almost daily basis. Sugilite is probably the most significant crystal for repelling negative vibrations on every level since it channels the Universal Violet Flame of Purification & Love. It brings in the higher spiritual energies & then grounds them so they can be used on the material plane. It creates a shield of spiritual protection around the aura, bringing love & light everywhere. 2 Mini Sugilite Tumbled Stone For Medicine Bags & Crafts #st88