15.5 Oz. Marinara

15.5 Oz. Marinara
Brand: Etsy - MaranoFoods
Color: Red
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Our Marinara Think sauce. Taste fresh. Every recipe begins with a meticulous search for bold, ethically farmed, organic produce sourced from growers we trust. NO added Sugar, Water, or Paste. What goes into making our premium marinara is as important as what we leave out. Gone are extreme temperatures & long cooking times. Prepared by hand in small batch kettles, our modern process layers the natural sweetness of 100% Italian tomatoes with heart-healthy, extra-virgin olive oil (infused with fresh, aromatic herbs & Italian spices), creating bold notes in a symphony of well-balanced flavors. Better taste, less waste! Knowing today’s consumers are driven by the desire for more personal choice & more variety all four of our soul-satisfying recipes are available in both 24 oz. & 15.5 oz. jars. TOMATO BASIL: Marano’s Tomato Basil reimagines an Italian classic. Delicately crafted in small batch kettles, we infuse ribbons of sweet, tender basil & fresh garlic creating a luxurious marinara that is as aromatic as it is delicious.. IL LIMONE: Marano’s Tomato Limone adds a burst of citrus flavor to any dish. Made by hand in small batch kettles, an infusion of fresh lemons creates a remarkably vibrant, modern-style marinara sauce that evokes the essence of summertime Italian Style. ARRABBIATA: Marano’s Arrabbiata (literally ‘angry’ in Italian) speaks to a more adventurous palate. Sourcing a variety of chiles, we master the proportion of fresh ingredients & aromatics to the proper cooking times & deliver a bold, yet sophisticated flavor profile for those who crave a spicier finish. TEQUILA LIME: Marano’s Tequila Lime is a vibrant, full-bodied tomato sauce driven by notes of bright citrus & light spice. The Tequila lends a rich complexity with a smooth, velvety finish to your favorite recipes. Sure, we could offer pairing suggestions, but it’s more fun to let your imagination run wild. 15.5 Oz. Marinara