10 Happy Bee Wildflower Seed Birthday Party Favours

10 Happy Bee Wildflower Seed Birthday Party Favours
Brand: Etsy - WeddingInATeacup
Color: Brown
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These personalised eco-friendly children’s birthday party favours will provide a fun nature-lesson as well as saying a meaningful ’thank you’! ‘Plant these seeds … add some sun & rain … watch your flowers grow … make the bees happy!’ Water, wellies & lovely mucky earth - all you need with our personalised wildflower seed party favours to get the bees buzzing. It really is that easy & it’s a wonderful nature lesson for your young party guests. Kids will love the story-book planting instructions on these personalised party favours, & they’ll relish sowing the wildflowers seeds, watching them grow, & seeing the bees arrive. So turn your backs on plastic party bags filled with plastic toys destined for landfill, & give a thank you gift that will keep on giving instead. Sold in sets of 10. If you are ordering from outside of Europe, we can’t ship the seeds to you due to customs control, but you can still choose the empty packet option below Designed by us & exclusive to us, we use authentic gardener’s seed packets made from responsibly sourced, 100% recycled, flecked brown manilla or bright white paper. Each packet contains a mixture of bee friendly wildflower seeds in a hermetically sealed envelope (so they don’t have to be planted for years after you’ve given them!) & there’s clear sowing instructions printed on the back. We can add whatever message you’d like above our bright design - just let us know in the personalisation box. dimensions: H 12.4 x W 8.9 cm 10 Happy Bee Wildflower Seed Birthday Party Favours