Health And Herbal Teas – Why Chamomile Is The Top Herbal Tea

Health & Herbal Chamomile TeaTeas

Chamomile tea is an elixir of health which is why it is the top of the list for health and herbal teas. It has several benefits and can help with many health problems without the need for medication. Chamomile tea soothes and aids sleep, plus it has stress-relieving and anti-ageing properties. If you have a cold, then chamomile boosts immunity, drink before the cold spell. A cup of chamomile can also help stomach aches and period pains. If you are thinking of growing your own herbs this is a real plus to have in the garden.

How to Make the Most Delicious Chamomile Tea

If you’re used to everyday tea, making herbal tea can be a challenge. You’ll need a teapot first of all, which for many, is a relic from the past. Place three to four tablespoons of chamomile flowers into the pot for two cups of tea. Pour in two cups of boiling water (around eight fluid ounces), and leave to infuse for five minutes. Pour into a teacup, using a tea strainer, serve with honey to sweeten, now sit back and relax with one of the top health and herbal teas around.

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