Healthy Herbs – Parsley

Blog Post - Parsley

Parley is often under-appreciated but is surprisingly nutritious and healthy food. Most are unaware that this herb has more uses than a mere decorative garnish on top of their meal. It is a little known fact that parsley is packed with nutrients and that it can cleanse the palate giving fresh breath at the end of the meal.

Surprising Benefits of Parsley

As one of the most popular herbs used as a decorative garnish that accompanies meals is packed with several health benefits. Parley’s volatile oil myristicin have been shown to help oxidize molecules that would otherwise do damage to the body and that animal studies shown that it inhibits tumour formation in the lungs. It also contains the flavonoid luteolin that functions as an antioxidant that helps prevent oxygen-based damage to cells. Besides, it is also rich in Vitamin C.