Petite Artificial Buxus Topiary Ball

Petite Artificial Buxus Topiary Ball
Brand: Artificial landscapes
Size: One Size
35 GBP
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Enjoy your topiary without all the expert training and pruning! Top quality, and 100% botanically accurate. Artificial topiary is a key look this season creating a classic and contemporary feel in your home or garden.Real topiary is known for being very delicate in harsh weather conditions, however with our artificial topiary you can enjoy the beautiful greenery without the all important maintenance that comes with live topiary.You can either sit your artificial Buxus Ball on a plant pot or you can use it as a very stylish alternative to a hanging basket.All our products are designed to withstand all outdoor elements. The composition of our topiary is fully UV stable to prevent any fading or discolouration. This ensures your bay tree is fully maintenance free and the foliage will continue to look vibrant and healthy for years to come. Your buxus ball will come as standard with the facility to either hang using a chain or pot into a decorative planter. We do offer a potting service where we pot all of our topiary up to your specification to ensure the over all look and feel is perfect for your home or garden. You have a selection of different planters to choose from with varying colours and finishes. Made with the finest quality silks and plastic mixed to ensure they look and feel botanically accurate. One important thing to note is our topairy foliage is fully UV stable which means that they will never discolour or fade. Cheaper versions on the market will fade to a very pale green / blue colour over a couple of months and will therefore have to be replaced each season. Our topiary will last for years.The planters we use for potting the topiary is made from a high quality resin that that is very durable and robust meaning they will last in all weather conditions outdoors.