Concrete Terrazzo Pot/Vase/Planter

Concrete Terrazzo Pot/Vase/Planter
Brand: Etsy - TheTwoMakers
Color: Blue
41.92 GBP
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This 100% handmade pot/planter is made of concrete, recycled plastic & bricks. The colorful terrazzo effect is made with recycled plastic & is able to add life & beauty to any kind of space. With this item we are trying to show a bit of love & care for our planet as in this design we are storing carbon ( recycled plastics) by mixing it with concrete to create a functional & esthetical products for your spaces. With our minimal intervention we are trying to help our environment by using plastic waste to create a useful item & to transform polluting & damaging materials to a one of a kind piece of art joining in one SUSTAINABILITY, CREATIVITY, FUNCTIONALITY & ESTHETICS We also customize this pot with your requested colors. You only need to ask :) Wholesale prices available for retailers on order of 15 or more, please feel free to contact us for details. Concrete Terrazzo Pot/Vase/Planter