Lavender – How Much Sun Does It Need?

Lavender - Blog Post

Lavender is one of the most popular herbs, mainly due to its unique scent that helps people relax. The purple flowers are also very pretty to look at, and are used for creating essential oils. As such, a lot of people want to have this plant in their homes or gardens to enjoy anytime. This herb can be grown indoors, but will need at least 3-4 hours of bright, direct sunlight.

Where to Place Your Lavender Plant

A south-facing window where your lavender plant can get 3-4 hours of direct sunlight, or anywhere between 6-8 hours of bright, indirect sunlight is ideal. If these conditions cannot be met, a grow light can be used instead. Aside from getting enough sunlight, lavender herbs need to be planted in well-draining soil, and watered only when the top inch of the soil is dry. It should also be fed with fertilizer twice a year.